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This Week in Mediation #984

May 10, 2023 – OUR 28TH YEAR!
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In This Issue:
Better Reflecting Mediation to the World • Launches • Inside the Mediation Room with Guest Ken Neumann • Inside the Mediation Room with Guest Lara Traum • Mediation Mediation in the News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs Brings ODR and AI Expertise to Las Vegas May 10-12

Join and at the ABA DR Section Conference in Las Vegas and online:

  • Colin Rule, and CEO, has been announced as the 2023 Recipient of the D’Alemberte/Raven Award by the ABA Dispute Resolution Section. Colin will be recognized at the May 11 Award Ceremony in Las Vegas.
  • The issue of the day for the ABA DR Conference, for both dispute resolution and legal practitioners, is “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI”. Notably, just completed hosting of a two-day “Mediation and AI Conference.” (recordings and resources available).
  • Colin Rule recently hosted his “ODR Master Class.” (Master Class recordings and resources are also now available.) 
  • Following on the heels of the pandemic, nearly 3/4 of dispute resolution work is still being done online! is thrilled to now uniquely offer secure meeting rooms for your mediation cases as part of your Premium or Featured Membership!  And note: 20% off Memberships this week with coupon code “Vegas777”!
  • is also offering 20% off all courses (6 months’ access) this week with coupon code “Vegas777”! Launches
by Colin Rule is pleased to announce that administration of the National Roster of Environmental Conflict Resolution Professionals has been transferred to, a website designed and maintained by a partnership between and the Association for Conflict Resolution Environment and Public Policy Section (ACR/EPP). Check it out!
Better Reflecting Mediation to the World
by Jim Melamed
While mediators often assist in the creation of miracles behind closed doors, our miraculous work and effective approaches are still not well-understood by general society. Essentially, mediation represents respectful discussion and a search for optimized solutions, just what our world needs!  Might a more effective way of “reaching the masses” be to take advantage of mediation art?
AFCC Conference – 60th Anniversary Conference in Los Angeles – May 31-June 3
For 60 years, the AFCC has been leading by example, asking the difficult questions and delivering quality information and research regarding the most complex issues for parents and children experiencing separation and divorce. Join us in Los Angeles as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary.  Registration
Inside the Mediation Room with Guest Ken Neumann
In this episode, Michael and Karen Aurit interview Ken Neumann. Ken is an expert in the field of family and divorce mediation. He is a founding board member of numerous professional associations and a frequent presenter at professional conferences.
Inside the Mediation Room with Guest Lara Traum
In this episode, Michael and Karen interview Lara Traum. Lara is an attorney and mediator in private practice, offering assistance in prenuptial, postnuptial, matrimonial, parenting coordination, and trust and estate matters.





  • Project Coordinator – NY
  • Special Education Mediator – Remote
  • Clinic Fellow – MA


A Statewide Banner: The Single Best Way to Expand Your Mediation Practice!
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  • May 10-13 – 25th Annual ABA Dispute Resolution Spring Conference
  • May 13 – Advanced Mediation Training – Keiter Mediation LLC
  • May 15-16 Specialized Domestic Violence Training for Mediators – The New DMA
  • May 17 – Creating Connection with Non-Violent Communication (NVC) – Community Boards of SF
  • May 19-20 – Family Mediation Institute 2023 – SCMA
  • May 20 – Intro to Online Mediation – Keiter Mediation LLC
  • May 24-28 – Florida Supreme Court Circuit Mediation Certification Training – ADR Training Collaborative
  • May 31-June 3 – AFCC 60th Anniversary Conference
  • June 5-16 – Domestic and Family Mediation Training and Practicum
  • June 6-22 – Elder Decisions Elder Mediation Training (Adult Family Mediation Training)
  • June 8 – The Magic of Mediation: How to Find, Feed and Foment It – Community Boards of SF
  • June 10 to July 2 – Foundation Learning Program in Mediation – Accords International 
  • June 19 – 10 Hour Basic Arbitration Training
  • June 20-23 – Basic Mediation Training
  • June 22 – 27 – International Cross-Border Family Mediation Training – UC Law SF
  • June 26 – 10 hr our Advanced Arbitration Training
  • June 28 – Exploring Reconciliation & Healing in Mediation – Community Boards of SF
  • July 10-14 – General Civil Mediation Training and Practicum
  • July 10-13 – 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • July 12 – Pre-Mediation for Adult Family Conflicts – Creating Understanding One Party at a Time
  • July 14-22 – 40 hr Family & Divorce Mediation Training
  • July 17-21 – Mastering the Fundamentals of Mediation Certificate
  • July 25-27 – Family Mediation Training ( 30 hrs)
  • July 27-28 – Specialized Domestic Violence Training for Mediators – 14 hrs
  • July 28 – Aug 22 – Conflict Management Coaching Workshop


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