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This Week in Mediation #791

August 14, 2019
Celebrating Our 24th Year Membership information
In This Issue:
Mediation Strategies: A Lawyer’s Guide To Successful Negotiation • 5 Mediation Strategies for a Successful Divorce Agreement• Interim Agreements • Andrea Schneider Interview - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
Mediation Strategies: A Lawyer’s Guide To Successful Negotiation 
by Michael P. Carbone
Every successful negotiation requires that you have a sound strategy. In this article I will explain the steps that I believe you should follow when developing a mediation strategy.

5 Mediation Strategies for a Successful Divorce Agreement
by Leah Hadley
There are many benefits to choosing mediation for your divorce, but it’s also important to understand and prepare for the challenges. Premium Membership now offers over 25,000 articles, blogs, news items and videos plus the most used mediator directory in the world!  Join our 9 Dispute Resolution Directories today at:  Get more cases and awesome SEO for your own website.

Interim Agreements
by Lori Goldstein
Are you considering a change in your marriage, but a divorce or a formal separation seems premature?

Andrea Schneider Interview - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society
This is an interview with Andrea Schneider by Robert Benjamin discussing negotiative strategies. 

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Register Now for the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Annual Conference - September 18-21 in Tucson
Heal the Divide, this year's conference theme, will focus on the peacemaking role of ADR practitioners in a divided society. At ACR's 2019 Annual Conference, we will explore this question from every angle and from every conflict resolution process. What can we learn from research and how can we apply what we have learned?  How can we help our families, our communities, and our nation begin to Heal the Divide?  Register HERE


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THIS WEEK'S MEDIATION NEWS (read & search All News at:

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Register now for Oregon Mediation Association (OMA) Annual Conference Nov. 1-2
Managing Conflict: Bridging the Gap through Mediation and Beyond
OMA Conference is at: University of Oregon in Eugene
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JOBS (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Mediator - MN
  • Mediation Program Specialist - DC
  • Conflict Resolution Specialist - DC
  • Independent Contractor Case Load Manager Implementation Project Manager - Minnesota or telecommute
  • Conflict Navigator - CA
  • Administrative Assistant/Case Administrator for a busy ADR Provider - NV
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  • August 15 - Roanoke VA - Dealing with Difficult People
  • August 15-16 - Atlanta GA - Domestic Violence Issues in Mediation (2 days
  • August 19-21 - Austin Area TX - 30 Hour Advanced Mediation Training
  • August 19 - ONLINE - Part II: Pitfalls & Perspectives
  • August 20-22 - Atlanta GA - Advanced Mediation Skills (20 hrs.)
  • August 21 - ONLINE - Advanced Negotiation, Fallacies and Techniques
  • August 26 - ONLINE - Family Mediation and Co-Parenting Through Toxic Relationships
  • August 26-30 - Los Angeles CA - Mediating Commercial & Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman
  • August 30 - Miami Gardens FL - 8hr Advanced Negotiation & Mediation Seminar
  • September 1 - ONLINE - IOA Live Webinar: Cultural Components in Conflict
  • September 4 - ONLINE - Advanced Mediation Skills - Pride and Prejudice: Mediating Through Diversity
  • September 6-14 - Ventura CA - 1.5 Day or 4 Day Conflict Resolution Training
  • September 6 - Atlanta GA - Domestic Relations Practicum (2 days)September 9-13 - Macon GA - Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • September 9-13 - Macon GA - Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • September 10-13 - Atlanta GA - Mediation Marathon
  • September 10-13 - Dallas TX - Basic Mediation Training (40 Hours)\
  • September 10-13 - Fairfax VA - Mediation Skills and Process (basic mediation training) 
  • September 11-20 - Corte Madera CA - 40 hour Mediation Training
  • September 12-October 31 - ONLINE - Basic Mediation Training
  • September 13 - Houston TX - Arbitration Training in Houston’s Uptown-Galleria
  • September 16 - Austin Area TX - 10 Hour Arbitration Training
  • September 17-October 14 - Los Angeles CA - Basic Mediation Training
  • September 17-18 - Austin Area TX - 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • September 17 - Fairfax VA - Civility in the Workplace
  • September 19 - Fairfax VA - Mediating Complex and Multiparty Civil Cases
  • September 19-25 - Hamden CT - CCND’S 40 Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training
  • September 19-20 - North Haven CT - Deliberative Dialogue Moderator Training
  • September 19-21 - Toronto ON Canada- Learn to Meet & Interview Children for ADR: 12 Step VCR (Reports)
  • September 23-27 - Atlanta GA - 40 Hour Basic Mediation Skills Course
  • September 25 - Fairfax VA - Mediating EEO and Workplace Disputes
  • September 25-27 - Warner Robins GA  - Arbitration Training
  • September 25-28 - Houston TX - Basic Mediation Training in Houston’s Uptown-Galleria
  • September 26 - Fairfax VA - Solution Focused Problem Solving
  • September 27 - Fairfax VA - Considering Cultural Issues in Mediation 
  • September 27-28 - San Diego CA - Collaboratively Representing Clients in Mediation and in Pre-Marital Agreements
  • September 30-October 4 - Macon GA - Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • October 1-19 - Santa Ana CA - 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • October 2-11 - North Haven CT - 40-Hour Mediation Certificate Program
  • October 2-3 - Fairfax VA - Mediation Practicum: Civil Cases
  • October 5-13 - San Francisco CA - The Basics of Mediation
  • October 5-November 2 - San Francisco CA - Ron's Mediator Certificate Training at BASF
  • October 8-9 - Fairfax VA - Facilitation and Group Consensus Building
  • October 9-12 - San Antonio TX - Basic Mediation 4 -Day Course
  • October 9-11 - Houston TX - Advanced Mediation: Family-Divorce-Child Custody Training
  • October 10 - New York NY - Effective Mediation Advocacy: Skills and Strategies for Litigators
  • October 11 - Ft. Lauderdale FL - 8hr Advanced Mediation Training
  • October 11 - Houston TX - Domestic Violence for Advance Family Training required by TX legislation 
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