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Nobody Does It Better: Diane Levin Interview

“I actually have a bunch of heroes. They’re not the big iconic names in the field… Instead my heroes are the people in the trenches–the individuals I know who are using cyberspace to talk to the world about the conflict resolution field…” — Diane Levin

Diane is interviewed in today’s issue of Engaging Conflicts Today. Diane publishes the award-winning blog, Online Guide to Mediation, which explores conflict resolution, negotiation, and the law, together with the social and cultural influences that shape them. It also regularly features articles on mediation, in particular the training and credentialing of mediators, and examines the intersection of law, justice, and ADR. OGM has been designated a “Featured Blog” at and attracts regular readers from throughout the world. Diane also founded the groundbreaking World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, the first online directory ever created to globally track and catalogue citizen media relating to ADR. If you would like a copy of her interview, and are not signed up for the newsletter (which you can do in the sidebar on the right!), email me this week at [email protected] with Diane Levin in the subject line and I’ll email it to you.

And, if I haven’t said it yet, I share in Victoria Pynchon’s tribute to Diane here (Nobody Does It Better).


Gini Nelson

Gini Nelson is a sole practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her practice emphasizes private dispute resolution, including distance dispute resolution, and domestic, bankruptcy and bankruptcy avoidance law. MORE >

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