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Survey Results

Additional Suggested Questions:

  • how long they have been with the organization
  • What they want to get after this call/ what would be the solution they are looking for
  • have you worked with the ombuds before? this year? what brings you here today?
  • Status/Type: (i.e. faculty, staff, learner)
  • Referral Source

Sample text to be placed on an intake form:

The Ombuds Office provides impartial, independent, and confidential support to all members of our Community. We are focused on ensuring that all students, staff, and faculty are treated fairly and equitably. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, need information, or wish to speak to someone about a concern, please fill out this form and you will be contacted to set up an appointment. 

The information you report on this form will help prepare us for our meeting with you, and will help us keep track of the type of issues facing students, staff, and faculty here. As with other information you share during a visit with the Ombuds, confidentiality will be maintained by our staff.

The Ombuds Office is a confidential, independent resource authorized to informally address faculty, student, and staff concerns from a neutral position, ultimately facilitating the conflict resolution process of conflict resolution. All interactions with the Ombuds are strictly confidential except cases where there is consent by complainant; imminent harm to the complainant, others, or to the University; or a legal concern. The Ombuds does not operate as an advocate for individuals or the University, but as an advocate for fairness of outcomes. The Ombuds is an independent entity and reports directly to the Office of the Provost. The Ombuds works informally to achieve fair and equitable solutions to concerns. We are not licensed attorneys. 

By submitting the form below, you are acknowledging that you understand that the Ombuds Office is NOT an office of notice.

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