L. Randolph Lowry

L. Randolph Lowry

As the President of Lipscomb University in Nashville and as founder and former director of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Professor Randy Lowry is one of the nation's leaders in the dispute resolution field. As a professor he provides academic leadership to Pepperdine's extensive dispute resolution program, and is consulted regularly by other universities regarding their work in that field.

Randy has served as a visiting professor at Vermont Law School, University of New Mexico, University of Idaho, Abilene Christian University, Hamline University (Modena, Italy), City University of Hong Kong, as well as Bond University in Australia. As a teacher, he trains more than 4000 lawyers, judges, and managers in more that 25 states and several foreign countries each year.

Organizations that have utilized his training include Federal Judicial Center, National Judicial Institute (Canada), Nike, Lexis-Nexis, State Farm Insurance, Chevron, and hundreds of others. He is co-author of three books in dispute resolution.

Professor Lowry is also a practitioner of what he teaches, regularly mediating complex cases. Such experiences range from the resolution of multi-million dollar civil cases and public policy disputes in the United States to the resolution of organizational conflict in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition, he regularly consults with public and private sector organizations on the effective management of conflict.

Professor Lowry is the co-founder and the first president of the Southern California Mediation Association, and co-founder and board member of the Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement. He was a gubernatorial appointment to the California Dispute Resolution Advisory Council, which established California's community dispute resolution programs. He served on the Judicial Council's Task Force on the Quality of Justice, looking at dispute resolution and the courts. Recently he was appointed by the Chief Justice of California to the Blue Ribbon Committee on Arbitration Ethics. He has also held leadership roles in many professional associations, including the American Bar Association's Torts and Insurance Practice Section.

B.A., Pepperdine University, 1974 M.P.A, Pepperdine University, 1977 J.D., Hamline University School of Law, 1981

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Website: www.lipscomb.edu/president

Articles and Video:

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Randy Lowry discusses how some have been resistant to mediation education, but how it has been successful in changing legal processes and preventing litigation.

Views on Future of Mediation (02/01/20)
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This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Randy Lowry, President of Lipscomb University and founder of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine.

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This is a preview of the DVD "Strategic Negotiation: Integrating Negotiation Approaches to Achieve Best Results" with Randy Lowry and Peter Robinson. Full information on the DVD is available here.

Randy Lowry: Growing Popularity of Mediation in Court System - Video (03/18/10)
Randy Lowry describes the growth and integration of mediation and negotiation into the court system to where judges want to be trained

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Lowry, Randy: Institutionalization of Mediation as Positive - Video (11/17/09)
Randy Lowry talks about how the institutionalization of mediation as a positive within court and justice systems.

Lowry, Randy: Mediation in Medical Field, Hospitals - Video (08/16/09)
Randy Lowry discusses how negotiation training would be useful for those going through medical school. Also talks about project he's working on now assessing three hospitals' way of dealing with things like conflict.

Lowry, Randy: Getting Started and Staying in Field - Video (07/16/09)
Randy Lowry talks about why he got into and stayed in mediation: enjoys teaching, relates to a sense of faith, enjoys being a "minister of reconciliation."

Randy Lowry: US History of Conflict Management - Video (07/16/09)
Randy Lowry discusses the development of mediation in US culture -from colonial times to the present day.

Randy Lowry: Hesitations to Teach Negotiation in Law Schools - Video (07/16/09)
Randy Lowry discusses why law school academics might be resistant to teaching the negotiation skill set. It's not something they themselves will practice and their main responsibility is to teach how to be and to think like a lawyer.

Lowry, Randy: Beginning of Mediation in Academics - Video (06/17/09)
Randy Lowry describes the introduction of mediation/negotiation study into the academic world.

Lowry, Randy: Pepperdine's Mediation Program Design - Video (04/17/09)
Randy Lowry discusses the development of Pepperdine's mediation program and incorporation into the law school. Foundation for law school is to translate theory into practice.

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The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm Vol. I
Views from the Eye of the Storm

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Topics Include:

  • Negotiation Styles & Dynamics 
  • Decision-making in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Managing Mixed Motives: Competition & Cooperation 
  • Avoiding Exploitation
  • Predictable Characteristics of Competitive Bargaining 
  • Geometry of Distributive Bargaining
  • Strategy Regarding Opening Offers
  • Capturing the Creativity of Collaborative Bargaining
  • Identifying Underlying Interests
  • Integrative Bargaining Roadmap
  • Three Dimensions of Negotiation Success

Supportive written materials included with the 5 hour course.

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Strategic Negotiation:
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Complete Interview with Randy Lowry
Complete hour-long interview of Randy Lowry by Robert Benjamin.