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Monthly Conversation Series

Inspired by the wonderful book Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution,
(edited by Howard Gadlin and Nancy Welsh, DRI Press, 2020) this conversation series offers interviews drawing upon the personal histories shared by the contributors and will add their visions of the future. Each individuals chapter is also available to read below the video

Howard Gadlin

Read: “The Accidental Ombudsman” by Howard Gadlin

Howard Bellman

  Read:“How I found my groove” by Howard Bellman

Bernie Mayer

Read:  “My life in community” by Bernie Mayer


Lucy Moore

Read: “Born to mediate” by Lucy Moore

Ian MacDuff

Read:“What am I doing here? Field notes on finding my way to mediation” by Ian Macduff 

Jacqueline N. Font-Guzman

Read: “A conflict counter-story: How a Puerto Rican woman ended up in a field dominated by Anglo men” by Jacqueline   N. Font-Guzmán

Andrea Schneider

Read: “Bashert: How I found dispute resolution and it found me” by Andrea Kupfer Schneider

Peter Adler

Read:“Wabi-sabi” by Peter S. Adler

Lela Love

Read: “Mediation and my life: moments and movements” by Lela Porter Love

David A. Hoffman

 Read:  A Mediator’s Path” by David Hoffman