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PON Gives Back

In the nicest possible way, I have always been a little underwhelmed when sifting through Harvard’s Program on Negotiation online space – given what a towering influence PON is on our field.

There always looked to be a mountain of good stuff there but it was all under lock and key.

But, that was then. This is now.

Take a look at all this outrageously generous, freely available Harvard resource;

1. PON Webcasts (video)

2. PONcast (have a recent article from the Negotiation newsletter read to you)

3. An Intern’s Life at PON (blog)

4. Sample article from the September ’07 issue of the Negotiation Newsletter

5. Negotiations Research Network (online working papers)

6. PON Negotiation Journal (some old articles)

7. Negotiation Pedagogy Online Forum (this doesn’t seem to have sparked)

8. Max Bazerman of PON;

9. Robert Mnookin of PON;


Geoff Sharp

Geoff Sharp is a Commercial Mediator from Wellington, New Zealand. Geoff works in the Asia Pacific region, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Pacific Islands. He is a mediator resolving business problems. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Mediators and mediates complex and hotly debated litigation covering… MORE >

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