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Put Those Words Back in Your Mouth – Video

This is it! This is the final post of our listening series, and what a better way to end it then to talk about nonverbal communication! So go grab a coffee or tea, maybe a snack and sit back and enjoy the video.

Video not working? Check it out here.

Our nonverbal communication can really say a lot about us. Rather then repeat this whole video, I’m just going to point you to my friend Jeff Thompson who can tell you a lot more about nonverbal communication then I could ever. So check him out!


Yes, you have homework. Go to a busy place, and people watch (one of my favourite things to do). What are they speakers doing? What are the listeners doing? What takeaways do you have for your own nonverbal communication? Then report back to me, I want to hear what you’re learning about yourself!


Jason Dykstra

Jason is a Conflict Management Specialist who is helping organizations and congregations move from conflict situations to creative solutions. He specializes in relational and communication issues and uses his experience and training in mediation, group facilitation, conflict management coaching, speaking and teaching to aid you and your surroundings to better… MORE >

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