Rainmaking Teleseminar Recording Now Available

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Our October Teleseminar with Rainmaking consultant Ford Harding entitled, “So You Want To Become a Rainmaker” is now public.

In this class we discussed two case studies of lawyers who significantly increased their book of business.

In addition Ford discussed how to plan for and get the most out of an industry conference.

The information is applicable to mediators, lawyers and other service professionals.

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Just click the button to listen.
My mediation podcast has also been updated with this call if you prefer to download the recording.


p.s. Does anyone want to recommend a new book for the BOOK CLUB?
p.p.s. Ford Harding will be coming out with an updated version of his book Rain Making in early 2008, so stay tuned.


Kristina Haymes

Kristina R. Haymes is a mediator of litigated and non-litigated cases.  She has successfully assisted parties in resolving employment, real estate, commercial and family business & estate disputes. MORE >

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