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Nov 17, 2023: Rising Above Conflict Agenda

SESSION 1: 7-9:30AM Pacific/10AM-12:30PM Eastern

Intro and Purpose:

  • Empowered Employees!
  • Why we Under and Overreact
  • Thunder Turtle Syndrome
  • Baby Bully Syndrome
  • Psychology of Conflict
  • Recognition, Reaction, Role

SESSION 2: 10-10:30AM Pacific/1-1:30PM Eastern


  • Carrying everything weighs us down
  • Empty the Backpack:
  • What communication hindered
  • What communication helped
  • Refilling the Backpack:
  • Hold/Change/Toss Behaviors

SESSION 3: 10:30 AM-11:30AM Pacific/1:30-2:30 Eastern

What to Hold:

  • How to Protect It (Group Brainstorm)
  • – Individual and Team Systems
  • Management Support
  • What to Change:
  • Group Workshopping What to Toss and Why

SESSION 4: 11:30-12:30PM Pacific/2:30-3:30 Eastern


  • Interests In
  • Filtering
  • Deescalating Difficult Situations
  • Listening Between the Lines
  • Rephrasing
  • Group Practice
  • Name it to Tame it (behaviors and situation)

SESSION 5: 1-2PM Pacific/4-5pm Eastern

Interests Out –

  • What do I want to say
  •        Instead of growing issues, venting, or avoiding
  • Try elf, straight no chaser, biff, 3-2-1
  • My Negotiation Style
  • What is my behavior and goal?

SESSION 6: 2-3:30 PM Pacific/5-6:30 Eastern

What is the Company Style?

  • Setting boundaries, empowering employees, goals, and securing management support
  • Strong Conversations
  • Negotiations, Check-ins, Next Steps
  • Strong Meetings
  • Facilitation, SONAR
  • Strong Employees
  •        Mental Health Benefits
  •        Celebrating Little Victories   

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