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Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age – Table of Contents

Seven Keys – Table of Contents is proud to publish the “Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age” and to offer this convenient Table of Contents for accessing all 25 original “Keys” articles and accompanying videos. Special thanks to Michael Leathes, Manon Schonewille and Clare Fowler for leading this important project! – #7KeysMediate

The Complete Seven Keys is now available as an e-book and as a PDF.

Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age – The Introduction

Michael Leathes, Nadja Alexander, Lela Love

1st Key-Leadership: Establish Strong, Collaborative, Mediative Leadership

Kenneth Cloke, Joan Goldsmith, Rosemary Howell, Alan Limbury, Valeri Primo-Lack

1st Key-Leadership: The Youth Shall Lead Us

Aloysius Goh, Sean Lim, Samantha Lek, Megan Tay

1st Key-Leadership: Adopt The Edinburgh Declaration

John Sturrock

2nd Key-Data: Bring Objective Science to Mediation

Ava Abramowitz, Kenneth Webb

2nd Key-Data: Run the Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series Every 5-7 Years

Emma-May Litchfield, Danielle Hutchinson

2nd Key-Data: Develop a Negotiation Index

Michael Mcilwrath

3rd Key – Education: Teach Mediation as a Core Subject Aligned to Real World Needs

Barney Jordaan, Deborah Masucci

3rd Key-Education: Ensure the Future Through Mentoring and Practice Programs for New Mediators

Angela Herberholz, Emma Ewart Keir

3rd Key-Education: Include Learning in Psychology & Brain Science to Enhance Mediator Practice

Tim Hicks, John Sturrock

3rd Key-Education: Train Mediators to be Culture-wise, not Culture-blind

Joanna Kalowski

4th Key-Professionalism: Act to Ensure Mediation is Respected as a True Professional Practice

Pierrick Le Gof

4th Key-Professionalism: Modernize the Culture Driving Legal Practice

John Brand

4th Key-Professionalism: Encourage Mediation and Arbitration Integration

Mark Appel, Wolf von Klumberg

4th Key-Professionalism: Create a Universal Code of Disclosure

Ana Gonçalves, Francois Bogacz, Daniel Rainey

5th Key-Technology: Take Advantage of ODR’s Full Potential

Jeremy Lack, Ana Gonçalves, Daniel Rainey

5th Key-Technology: Embrace and Integrate Relevant New Technologies

Francois Bogacz, Jeremy Lack

6th Key-Government: Make Mediation a Prerequisite to Civil Litigation

Manon Schonewille, Leonardo d’Urso, Constantin-Adi Gavrila

6th Key-Government: Sign, Ratify, and Implement the Singapore Convention on Mediation

George Lim

6th Key-Government: Actively Support UN Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, & Security

Alicia Kuin

6th Key-Government: Help Governments Lead Mediation into the Mainstream

Christian Radu Chereji

7th Key-Usage: Invest to Generate Instinctive User Recognition and Demand

Felicity Steadman

7th Key-Usage: Expand the Value of Mediation Into Deal-Making

Veronique Fraser, Joan Stearns Johnsen

7th Key-Usage: Forge a User-driven Vision for Mediation; Then Fund It

Michael Leathes

The Seven Keys Conclusion: Many Paths, One Way

Joanna Kalowski

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