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She Negotiates For Crystal Harris ~ About That Pre-Nup

The question why Hugh Hefner is marrying his 24 year old girlfriend Crystal Harris has been raised around many a post-Christmas table since Hef popped the question along with the diamond on Christmas Day. Jeez, my 85-year old mother doesn’t even have a computer, but the ever-young Hef tweeted his proposal. Still, Hef can’t have more than a decade of active life left in him while Crystal’s got six or seven decades.

Because negotiators don’t settle for easy answers (“he’s in love!”) we posted a little bargaining advice for Ms. Harris over at the ForbesWoman She Negotiates blog

Excerpt below. Negotiation advice at the link.

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner (84, net worth $43 million) suspended his disbelief in the possibility of a long-term relationship on Christmas Day by giving his current girlfriend Crystal Harris (24, net worth unknown) an engagement ring.

One assumes Hefner’s prenuptial agreement has already been drafted and may even have been signed. Because it is not effective in California until marriage, however, it can be negotiated, re-negotiated, and re-re-negotiated until Ms. Harris says “I do.” That being the case, She Negotiates has five bargaining tips for the bride-to-be.


Victoria Pynchon

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