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States Continue Use of Mediation for Consumer Restitution

An increasing number of states are now using forms of mediation for purposes of processing consumer restitution requests and complaints.

• The Michigan attorney general is forming a multi-state task force of attorneys general to coordinate the mediation of consumer complaints against Allcare Dental and Dentures across the fifteen states in which the company operated before abruptly ceasing business. The mediations will not only address financial issues, but protection of and access to patient dental records. The Washington Post (January 7, 2011); (January 6, 2011)

• Mediation by the Missouri Department of Insurance resulted in recovery of $9.5 million for consumers who brought insurance complaints. The largest number of complaints involved health insurance, followed by auto and homeowners. The average consumer recovery in the mediations was $7,000. Worker’s (January 27, 2011)

• The attorney general’s office in Massachusetts helped consumers recover over $4.7 million through mediation last year. The attorney general received over 13,000 complaints in 2010 relating to consumer, health care and elderly issues. The Elder and Health Care mediation program obtained nearly $700,000 for consumers in the state. The Newburyport Current (February 14, 2011)


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