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The Negotiator’s Fieldbook

Edited by Andrea Kupfer Schneider and Christopher Honeyman and featuring 80 contributors, The Negotiator’s Fieldbook is the most comprehensive book on negotiation available. And the concept that “everybody negotiates” is increasingly accepted as wisdom. A world in which small manufacturers find their customers and their suppliers on the far side of the globe, in which lifetime stability of employment has been replaced by successive negotiation for new jobs, and in which prenuptial agreements and mediated divorces flank a noticeable percentages of marriages, makes the fact of continuous negotiation more and more obvious.

This book pulls together the relevant ideas on negotiation from law, psychology, business, economics, cultural studies and a dozen other fields to provide a context for successful negotiation.

What Others Are Saying:

“This is an ambitious and impressive book…it strives to do nothing less than define and integrate the essential elements of negotiation (and) is a significant advance in that direction.”

Michael Wheeler, Professor of Business Management, Harvard Business School, in a detailed review in Dispute Resolution Magazine

“…this outstanding compilation delivers exactly what the editors promise and much, much more. It is an absolute must-have reference and working tool for anyone serious about the field of conflict resolution.”

James R. Coben, Director, Dispute Resolution Institute, Hamline University School of Law, in a review in ACResolution Magazine

“I picked up the Fieldbook at 12:25 AM, intending to skim the table of contents before heading for bed. Yet, here I sit at 4:47 AM…hooked, completely hooked. This provocative, thoroughly engrossing cornucopia of negotiation theories, practical experiences, empirical findings, and insightful observations comes from the only place that it could–a diverse village of accomplished experts wise enough to read each others’ work.”

Robin L. Pinkley President, International Association for Conflict Management, and Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University

“This book provides the most comprehensive coverage of negotiation practice by far–a truly multi-disciplinary compendium that touches all aspects of negotiating transactions and resolving conflicts. Teachers, students, and practitioners of negotiation will all find this an invaluable reference.”

Laurie R. Weingart Professor of Organizational Behavior Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

“In The Negotiator’s Fieldbook, Schneider and Honeyman bring together contributions–on diverse and relevant topics–from the foremost scholars in the field. This work belongs on the desk of anyone interested in studying or practicing negotiation and should be read, studied and digested.”

James Wall Curators’ Professor, School of Business University of Missouri

“This book belongs on the bookshelf directly behind a negotiator’s desk chair. It will quickly become worn with use.”

David Matz Partner, The Mediation Group, Boston, and Professor and Director, Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts/Boston; from a full-page book review in TMG’s newsletter to its clients.

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Andrea Kupfer Schneider

Andrea Kupfer Schneider joined the faculty of Marquette Law School in 1996 where she teaches ADR, Negotiation, International Law, International Conflict Resolution and Art Law. She also helps to run the nationally-ranked ADR program at Marquette Law School. Prior to joining Marquette, Professor Schneider was Visiting Professor of Political Science and… MORE >


Christopher Honeyman

Christopher Honeyman is managing partner of Convenor Conflict Management, based in Madison, Wis. and Washington, DC. He has served as mediator, arbitrator and in other neutral capacities in more than 2,000 disputes since the 1970s, and as a consultant to numerous academic and practical conflict resolution programs in the U.S. and… MORE >

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