ODR Africa Mediating Online Training

Mediating Online Training - Streaming
Mediating Online: eCommerce, Property & Workplace Disputes

Presenters: Colin Rule, Clare Fowler and Jim Melamed

This recorded 20-hour course includes all training materials and 6 months' access.

ODR Africa Special Pricing $245.00 USD


Mediating eCommerce, Property and Workplace Disputes Online

ODR Africa Special Pricing

Presenters: Jim MelamedClare Fowler and Colin Rule

This 20-hour course was recorded and includes all training materials.
This course qualifies as the required 20-hour online mediation course required for
Mediate.com Online Certification.

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The ODRAFRICA training sessions were really worth the time and money spent. It was really good new knowledge area
The training sessions opened the gate way to resolving the challenges of the Covid 19 problems regarding dispute resolutions. Good one and it was worth it. With kind.regards.

Being a participant at the just concluded mediating online training for ODR AFRICA has been one of my best decisions in recent times!
My first surprise was seeing how detailed and rich the program was! Further to this, it's amazing that 10 videos very rich in content will be available to access for a period of 6 months! I've gone through the videos and they are just as good as having the live sessions and indeed very practical!
What can I say about the content of the program that was extremely insightful! I've learnt the ability of mediating through different platforms! No barriers at all! No restrictions! It brings about a lot of flexibility depending on the reference. I definitely can say that I came out of the training better than I went into it!
The sessions with Colin were awesome, I found myself ready before the set time because there was no way I was going to miss any session! I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by Colin. I must say that I also admire the calmness and ease with which Colin passed on information. Thank you!
This will not be complete without saying a big thank you to ODR AFRICA and Morenike Obi-Farinde for making this happen! An experience never to be forgotten and of course, ready to run with all I have learnt!!! Thank you so much!
Best Regards,
Josephine Akinwunmi BL, LLB, FCIArb, CEDR(UK) Accredited Mediator, MCIPM,
Notary Public

Hello Colin, I am privileged to have been tutored by the god-father of Mediation.The past two weeks have been an extremely interesting and illuminating experience for me and dare I say, every other participant on the ODRAfrica platform. Personally, I have learnt that ODR is the way forward in Dispute Resolution. I've also been exposed to a myriad number of DR tools and modes of implementation using global best practices.
I look forward to implementing what has been learnt thus far and also to participating in more enlightening training sessions in the future. Thank you.
Abiola Abiodun Esq.

The scare was real! The fears were genuine! The questions kept coming... in view of the infrastructural deficit in our climes; considering the quality of, and low internet penetration, what alternatives to in-person mediation are there?
Thanks to Morenike, Colin and their team members, in the past 12 days, I have learned that despite these challenges, we have, not just one tool, but a boxful of tools to continue to provide the dispute resolution services, that, more than ever before are now necessary. Thank you.
Funmi Roberts LL.M, FCIArb

What I have picked up from the course that pleases me most are:
a. Validation of belief that the process of resolving disputes could be made more efficient in time, cost and physical energy usually expended, in travel time to specific locations for face-to-face interactions.
b. ODR maximally exploits the flexibility attribute of ADR to the advantage of Parties and the process. The role plays gave first hand experience of the advantage of engaging in the process from comfort zones. That is likely to have added relaxing effect on otherwise upset Parties. There is also the tendency to stimulate participation of Parties in choice of ODR tools to apply. This can positively influence improved communication between Parties.
c. The course brings attention to likely response of Parties, to the ODR tools or process applied.
d. The course even opens up the mind to look into the future of ODR by imagining the use of automated mediation tools referred to as the “fourth Party”. Some have been in use already, in ebay for example.
e. The course is rich.
Adejuwon Adenuga FCIArb

I have learnt a lot and it has been a spectacular experience with the recorded videos and all, what I have learnt is quite different from my line of work presiding over cases as a Magistrate. Online Mediation is a lot faster than litigation which is what I will be advising parties in my Court now. I thank the organizers for the marvelous Training. Well done.
Oluwabunmi Ope-Agbe
Magistrate Lagos State Judiciary

This has been one of the most insightful training I have subscribed to in a while. We were given more value than we paid for. The beauty of the training was the effective use of mediating across most of the Online platforms from Zoom to Crek to Modron and even WhatsApp and this is not also forgetting the training materials attached to the sessions for those of us that might be interested in facilitating our own training. We were not only taught how to mediate Online but extensive teaching was done on the psychology of Online Dispute Resolution.
After all said and done, the training has strategically positioned me with my contemporaries across the world as we were taught in line with international global practice. Thumbs up to ODRAFRICA for this wonderful initiative.
Best Regards,

I have been a subscriber of mediate.com news articles for years and I knew how committed they are to excellence. I am happy that they have proved this tremendously. The course is not only a comprehensive guidance to ODR tools and materials, but combines lots of interesting tips on successful mediation, and you cannot get better facilitators than these guys.
Chinenye Andy-Eke Accredited Mediator