All Mediate University Courses

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Foundational Courses

Getting Started in Mediation
with Clare Fowler, 1.5 hrs

Mediation Skills Course
with Bruce Edwards, 9 hrs

Basic Mediation Training
with Clare Fowler, 40 hrs

Get Busy, Get Paid
with Randy Lowry, 2hrs

The Mediators: View From the Eye of the Storm
with 31 various mediators, 2hrs

The Mediators: Family Mediation
with 27 various mediators, 2hrs

Marketing Your Mediation Practice
with Elinor Robin and Susan Dubow, 6hrs

Advanced Courses

Culture & Gender Issues
with Nina Meierding, 7hrs

Strategic Negotiation
with Randy Lowry and Peter Robinson, 5hrs

Conflict Management Coaching
with Cinnie Noble, 1.5hrs

The Magic of Mediation
with Ken Cloke, 2hrs

Reflective Practice and Mindfulness
with Michael Lang, 1.5hrs

The Crossroads of Conflict
with Ken Cloke, 2hrs

Understanding Conflict in Terms of Brain Function
with Tim Hicks, 4hrs

Skill Development

Workplace Mediation
with Clare Fowler, 6hrs

4 Game-Changing Tips to Build Your Divorce Mediation Practice
with Michael Aurit, 1.5hrs

Mediating Divorce Agreement
with Jim Melamed, 15hrs

Friendly Divorce Mediation
with Elinor Robin and David Spofford, 10hrs

Collaborative Practice
with Chip Rose, 10hrs