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Update on Mediator Certification Program

The Mediator Certification Program has been updated. You can access a complete description of the program at Approved Certified Mediators can be identified in Directory Searches at and are listed here:

Please also review the Program Principles and Values and the Certification Program FAQ. has acted to implement our Mediator Certification Program to establish best practice qualification disclosure standards for the growing global mediation industry.

This is not a program for mediators so much as it is a program for consumers and their advisers. By setting high standards and by being sure that all mediator information is capably presented, we believe that we provide added value to consumers looking for information to help them make their best mediator selection.

Critically, we believe that well-informed disputants can protect themselves and that the mediation industry does not need traditional licensing approaches to professional mediation credentialing. This is especially true with so many mediation practice areas and styles of mediation practice. is seeking to implement a realistic and sustainable “disclosure best practices” program.

We welcome your ideas for further improving the Certification Program. Comments and questions should be sent to:

We hope that you will apply for Mediator Certification at

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