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Want to Understand Power Better? A New Book from Neuroscientist Ian Robertson may help

  • Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution Blog by Stephanie West Allen

    I have posted about Dr. Robertson a number of times in the past (see links below). And, at all my presentations, I recommend his books; he is an excellent neuroscientist who writes so well I often say that he writes like a poet. I see that he has written a new book The Winner Effect: The Neuroscience of Success and Failure and wanted to let Robertson fans (and those not yet acquainted with his work) know about The Winner Effect. Because I have not read it, I will link to a few articles about the book.

    First, from the Guardian, is "Bankers and the neuroscience of greed." Excerpt:

    …Power and money both act on the brain’s reward system, which if over-stimulated for long periods develops appetites that are difficult to satisfy, just as is the case for drug addiction. We call these appetites greed and greedy people are never satisfied. That is the challenge for politicians and regulators.

    Next from Ireland’s Independent, is "Power and the brain: Kenny, Blair and Fianna Fail." Excerpt:

    Prof Robertson said one of the consequences of power is it makes individuals focus on the positive rewards.

    "No government should be in power for more than 10 years. We had a real problem of that excess of power in terms of the people in charge here."

    An article from Irish Times is titled "Powerful insights into how brain works." Excerpt:

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