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Workplace Mediation Training 2023 Agenda

Clare Fowler, Keynote Erin Earle, with a variety of guest speakers, including Colin Rule, Kathy Gonzales, Matt Glowacki

Segment 1: Foundation, with Dr. Clare Fowler

  • Course Overview – goal = empowerment
  • Workplace Overview = what does a workplace mediator do?

Segment 2: Preparing Clients, with Dr. Clare Fowler

What information do you give clients before the meeting begins?

Website, articles, resources

Segment 3: Planning Meeting: with Matt Glowacki

Who should be there? Working with HR, DEI, and Management to plan your session.

What questions do you ask?

Segment 4: Conflict Continuum, with John Ford

Understanding what has happened before and what could happen before mediation.

Segment 5: Meeting with CEOs, HR, and Manager: How do they choose who to hire? and who not to? 

Segment 6: Getting Yourself Hired, with Dr. Kathy Gonzales

Starting a Business as a Consultant

Segment 7: Workplace Conflict Diagnosis, with Dr. Clare Fowler

  • Conflict Path
    • Conflict Entrances
    • Conflict Escalations
    • Conflict Exits
  • Location of Conflict
  • Types of Conflict
  • Positive or Negative Conflict

Segment 8: Diagnosis Form Creation – Interactive

Being prepared to ask the right questions

Segment 9: Mediation Process – SONAR

SONAR: Statement, Opening, Negotiation, Agreement, Resolution

Segment 10: Diagnosis Template Update

Choosing your deliverables

Designing your process

Segment 11: Facilitation and Moving Meetings Quickly, Guest Speaker Terry Marschall

Segment 12: Coaching, with Pattie Porter

Common concerns: Employee retention, employee respect, Strong personalities

Segment 13: Ombuds

4 Key questions, trends, incorporating with an organization

Segment 14: Guided Negotiation, Conciliation, and Other Options

Segment 15: What Can You Offer?

Updating your Brand: What skills, processes, and deliverables can you offer? Using AI to define your brand and your target audience.

Segment 16: Drafting Proposals, Agreements, and Invoices

Creating Forms, and including Legal Guidelines

Segment 17: Common Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

Baby/Bully Syndrome/Thunder/Turtle Syndrome, Under and Overreacting

Avoiding Conflict (from management, trickling down)

Fallout from COVID

Segment 18: Conflict Prevention through Strong Agreements

Total: 45 minutes

Segment 19: Forms and Resources, Guest Speaker  Matt Dreger of the  Mediation Training Institute

  • Conflict Diagnosis
  • Agreement
  • CDP presentation with guest speaker Kim Faircloth
  • NAFCM Presentation
  • Dan Berstein/Mental Health intake resources
  • Khalil Zhouri – presentation

Finishing up the Diagnosis Worksheet

Adding in resources, processes, agreements, and invoicing

Segment 20: Stump the Mediator

Bring your hardest “What if?” questions

Segment 21: Keynote: Erin Earle, How HR Wants to Work with a Mediator

Segment 22: Climate Assessment

Segment 23: Future Trends – ODR, AI, Ageism, Guest Speaker: Colin Rule

Segment 24: Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Mediation

Segment 25: Resolution

Wrapping up the mediation: confidential documents, follow-up, next steps, invoicing, evaluations

Segment 26: What Kind of a Workplace Mediator Are You, with Susan Guthrie

Designing Your Brand

What Are Your Strengths

Planning Specific Next Steps – Your 3 Month Implementation

Interactive Breakout Rooms: 20 different guest experts will open up private breakout rooms. They will present an office concern, and give you the chance to design a resolution proposal. Then they will provide honest feedback on your proposal: what works and what doesn’t, would they hire you, for how much, what is the timeline, and what could be improved. The goal is to get honest feedback from potential clients for improving your marketing.