Find Mediators Near You: 2023 Workplace Training – Connecting Employees, Departments & Corporations One Conversation at a Time’ hosted a 3-day training to become a workplace mediator September 2023.

TRAINERS: Hosted by Dr. Clare Fowler, who has worked with Google, Sirius, and organizations in a variety of fields. Training also includes Keynote: Erin Earle, guest mediators, conflict consultants, coaches, ombuds, and speakers from HR and management.

AGENDA: The first 2 days of the training focused on diagnosing and understanding the conflict, developing a plan for resolution, implementing your plan, and strategies for complex disputes. The 3rd day of the training focused on developing your practice, marketing your process, resources that will support you.

PREREQUISITES: Basic Mediation Training, by, or another qualifying basic training. This assumes a minimum of 40 hours and 20 hours of mediation.

INCLUDES: 23 hours of instruction with access to the recorded videos for 12 months.

MATERIALS: Participants in this training will have access to a resources site, including an outline, handouts, and access to resources.