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This Week in Mediation #679

May 23, 2017
Celebrating Our 22nd Year Membership information
In This Issue:
The Profound Apology • Nesting a New Co-Parenting Arrangement • Improving Professionalism by Improving Judgment: Keys to Advising about Settlement and Mediation • A User's Guide to Joint Fact Finding — "JFF" • Interview with Zena Zumeta • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
The Profound Apology
by Greg Rooney
An apology can be given on many levels from a general acknowledgement at one end of the spectrum to a profound apology at the other end.

Nesting a New Co-Parenting Arrangement
by Hadassah Fidler
Divorce is a hard process and perhaps nobody knows this better than the children of divorced parents, who can find themselves caught up in a situation over which they have little control facing an uncertain future.

Advanced Overview of Caseload Manager - Thursday, May 25 at Noon ET
In this 30-minute webinar, we will review the more advanced features of Caseload Manager, including automated deadlines, export, and template creation. Sign up here.

Improving Professionalism by Improving Judgment: Keys to Advising about Settlement and Mediation
by Laura Kaster
When a client is involved in a dispute, we must also develop the ability to evaluate the best next step, including whether settlement negotiation or mediation would best serve the client and how to advise the client on an appropriate value at which settlement would be better than ongoing dispute.

Comparative Data on Mediation Websites: Most Visited and Most Linked
by Jim Melamed
According to, is most visited and most linked mediation website. Join today at:

A User's Guide to Joint Fact Finding — "JFF"
by Peter Adler
Joint Fact Finding (JFF) is a public engagement strategy that creates a needed safe harbor for technical and scientific discussions between all sides.

Interview with Zena Zumeta
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Zena Zumeta, long time mediator, trainer and former President of the Academy of Family Mediators, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.'

30th Annual Pepperdine Summer Professional Skills Program June 22-24 in Malibu 
Featuring a panel of nationally recognized experts in dispute resolution, this comprehensive program provides two and a half days of unique educational opportunities for practicing professionals. Participants network with nationally prominent faculty, as well as participants from other specialties at plenary sessions, lunches, and receptions. Early enrollment is recommended since many of the sessions fully subscribe. Full information is here.

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Get More Cases with Featured Mediator Placement
Featured Mediator Placement puts your picture, name and website at the top of every page of for every visitor from your area!  We put you right up top, where local clients can't miss you! Full information is here.

This Week’s Mediation News (read & search News at:

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Caseload Manager is the #1 Mediation and Ombuds Case Managment System
Caseload Manager is the most capable and affordable answer for mediation and ombuds program case management. Full information is at  Schedule your personal tour today!

Jobs (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Adjunct Conflict Resolution - OR
  • Associate Ombuds - CA
  • ADR Program Director - CA
  • Assistant Director of Outreach and Conflict Resolution - VA
  • Program Coordinator - WA
  • Director of Student Conflict Resolution - WA
  • Community Mediatino School Corps - NY
  • Ombuds and Dispute Resolution Director - OR
  • Services Manager - FL
  • Conflict Resoluton Program Director - UT
  • Executive Director - NY
  • ADR Director - FL
  • Mediation Manager - CA
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Affordable Online Mediation Education, CLE & CEU 
Affordable mediation training and continuing education opportunities from are at:

Training & Conference Calendar

  • May 25 - New Brunswick, NJ - 6-hr Divorce Mediation Supplement to 40-hr Training
  • May 31-June 4 - Boston, MA - AFCC 54th Annual Conference
  • June 1-10 - Santa Ana, CA - 40-hr Divorce Mediation Training
  • June 5-9 - Macon, GA - Domestic & Family Mediation Training\
  • June 6-8 - Saltzburg, AUS - Professional Skills Program from Pepperdine's Straus Institute
  • June 6-7 - Bellevue, WA - 2-Day Elder Mediation Traning or 1 Day Elder Mediation  Overview
  • June 6 - Austin, TX - 8 Hour Arbitration Training
  • June 7-9 - New York, NY - Advanced Commercial Mediation Training
  • June 8-23 - Pittsburgh, PA - 40-Hour Family Mediation Training
  • June 8 - North York ONT - Mental Health and ADR - Annual General Meeting
  • June 8 - Portland, OR - Jumpstarting Mediation: Tools & Techniques for Advocates and Mediators
  • June 8 - Baltimore, MD - Mid-Atlantic Global Pound Conference
  • June 11-15 - Jekyll Island, GA - Summer Institute at Jekyll Island
  • June 12-15 - Austin, TX - Basic Mediation Training
  • June 13-16 - Madrid, ESP - World Mediation Summit - Madrid 2017
  • June 14-22 - South Portland, ME - 40-hour Mediation Training
  • June 14-16 - Greenbelt, MD - 30th Anniversary and Annual Conference - Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • June 15-24 - Houston, TX - Basic Mediation Traning
  • June 17-25 - Berkeley, CA - Ron's Mediation Training in Berkeley
  • June 19-23 - Baltimore, MD - 40-hour Mediation and Conflict Transformation Skills Training
  • June 20-22 - Colorado Springs, CO - Advanced Mediation Training 24 hrs.
  • June 22-24 - Malibu, CA - Pepperdine's 30th Annual Summer Professional Skills Program
  • June 22-25 - Amherst, MA - 30-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • June 24 - Colorado Springs, CO - Interested in Becoming a Mediator? 2 hr. seminar
  • June 26-July 7 - Denver, CO - Professional Mediation Training
  • June 26-30 - Nashville, TN - General Civil Mediation Training
  • June 27-29 - Austin, TX - 30-hr. Advanced Mediation Training
  • July 6-August 3 - Ramat-Gan, Israel - International Summer Program 2017: Identity-Based Conflict Resolution
  • July 7-16 - Colorado Springs, CO - Weekend Basic Mediation Training - 40 hrs.
  • July 7-9 - Colorado Springs, CO - Rocky Mountain Retreat with Ken Cloke 
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