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A Mediator’s Take on AI, Humanity, and Tom Petty

Artificial Intelligence in Mediation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now and will likely continue to be for some time. Many industries and professions will be impacted as AI technology continues to advance and be utilized. I am focusing this blog on the intersection of AI and humanity in family mediation.

As we know or are learning, AI can replicate certain human-like capabilities, such as problem-solving, learning and language processing, recognizing patterns and making decisions. AI currently lacks inherent human qualities like consciousness, emotions and moral reasoning.

When I mention humanity, I am referring to the collective attributes and qualities associated with being human, including values such as compassion, empathy, kindness and a sense of responsibility towards others. As we explore the integration of AI in family mediation, it is essential to remember that AI can be a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and provide insights, and yet I see it in a supporting role in collaboration with a human mediator.

Some great courses explicitly focus on using AI in your mediation practice (see Mosten Guthrie Academy and, so I will leave this area to the experts. It is important to be mindful of confidentiality when using AI, and if search engine optimization (SEO) is important to you, then keep in mind that Google is scrolling for AI-generated copy, which will not enhance your SEO when compared to original copy. In fact, Google penalizes sites if it detects AI-generated copy.

Most of my clients are in various stages of separation, and their lives have changed or will soon change significantly. To quote Tom Petty in “Walls (Circus),” he says, “Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,” and most of my clients are experiencing more rock-like days. I believe that better days are coming, yet during this time of stress and change, I am mindful that providing them with a “human-like,” or AI-generated process is not the same as a process guided by an actual human. If you were experiencing heightened stress and things felt high-stakes, would you want to communicate with a chatbot or talk to a professional?

AI can offer many advantages and is only getting more impressive. My point is that there are times when we should not lose sight of our humanity and the power of being present for someone.

To be on theme, I utilized the assistance of ChatGPT with some of the creation of this blog.

Side note: when I was in my early 20s serving on a rooftop patio, I was told that I looked like Tom Petty – I tell myself it must have been the combination of a bad haircut and big sunglasses.


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