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Ambassador John McDonald Wins Peace Award

The Association for Conflict Resolution will award the Peacemaker Award to Ambassador John W. McDonald at its 9th Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, October 7-10, 2009. McDonald was nominated for the honor based on his work on peace-building projects around the world during his diplomatic career, his co-founding of an organization that focuses on conflict resolution in nation and international ethnic conflicts, and his diverse career achievements in supporting creative conflict-transformation projects.

Established in 2001, The Peacemaker Award honors significant and sustained contributions by an individual or organization to the cause of peace. The award recognizes the efforts of an individual or organization to bring peace through various conflict resolution approaches to ethnic, religious and civil conflicts that have raged domestically and outside the United States. McDonald joins a notable group of Peacemaker Award recipients that includes Lee H. Hamilton, Sen. George Mitchell and Conflict Resolution Network Canada.

McDonald spent 20 years of his diplomatic career in Western Europe and the Middle East, and worked for 16 years on United Nations missions around the world. A former senior adviser to George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and president of the Iowa Peace Institute, McDonald co-founded the “Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy” (IMTD) in Washington, D.C in 1992, focusing on national and international ethnic conflicts. Through IMTD, McDonald has worked on creative conflict transformation projects in Cyprus, Israel-Palestine, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, East Africa, Liberia, Nepal, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Libya, India, Pakistan and Kashmir. Recognizing the strong link between access to water and peace, he also founded “Global Water” in 1982 to address international drinking water and sanitation issues.



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