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Are You Always Right?

Guest blog post submitted by Joanna Wares.

When emotions are running high it is easy to discount the value of the opinions of others.  This quote by Winston Churchill “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.” is a great reminder that the other party may have ideas and insights that are worth exploring. In many mediation’s it has been obvious that both parties felt they were in the right yet after exploring both sides they discovered that no one is perfect and everyone can make mistakes.  

What happens when someone else is determined to convince you or make you agree that they are in the right? First try acknowledging their point, ask them to clarify their point and rephrase what you heard them say.  If you still don’t agree you can either just say you understand their opinion or provide information that offers a different side.  There is a difference between attacking their point of view and offering information.

The best way to avoid conflict can be looking outside the box to find solutions that allow both parties the opportunity to “win”.  Try avoiding taking the stance that you are always right and when you are, try avoiding the “told you so” attitude.  Managing problems by acknowledging everyone has the right to their own opinion and working together to find answers can promote the positive development of relationships both personal and professional.

Is being right always the most important thing? Are you willing to step back and listen?  Have you found yourself in a situation where your unwillingness to admit that someone else might be right resulted in the loss of more than an argument? What could you have done differently?  

Mediation makes sense when you want to end a problem but not a relationship. It is a cost effective, confidential and proven method to work through business conflicts.


Joanna Wares

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