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Aleksandra Cichocka

Professor Aleksandra Cichocka received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Warsaw in 2013. During her doctoral studies she was a Fulbright Fellow at New York University. After completing her PhD, she joined Kent, where she leads the Political Psychology Lab.

Aleksandra works primarily in the area of political psychology. She investigates how the ways individuals feel about themselves and the social groups they belong to affect their political attitudes and behaviours.

In one line of work, she investigates links between narcissism and various political attitudes, including ideology, conspiracy beliefs and support for democracy. She is also interested in the dynamics of self-worth.

In another line of research, she focuses on collective narcissism—a belief that one’s social group is exceptional but underappreciated by others. Aleksandra examines political and social antecedents and consequences of collective narcissism.

She also studies psychological factors underlying political engagement and perceptions of legitimacy of the socio-political systems.