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Brad Honoroff

Brad Honoroff, J.D., has extensive experience as a mediator, teacher and consultant.  He is one of three founding partners of The Mediation Group (TMG).

As a principal of TMG, Brad has mediated more than four thousand cases, including commercial, employment, sexual abuse and harassment, legal and medical malpractice, professional and partnership dissolutions, family business, environmental, toxic tort (including lead paint, asbestos and mold exposure), construction, condominium, product liability, wrongful death, health care, insurance, family, intellectual property and personal injury disputes.  He has particular expertise in mediating highly charged and complex, multi-party conflicts.  He serves on the Massachusetts Superior Court mediation panel as well as on several national panels. 

Brad’s consulting projects have included work with organizations in conflict as well as designing dispute resolution systems.  He has helped design such systems for the courts in Massachusetts, public agencies and most recently for health care organizations. In addition, Brad has designed and conducted numerous trainings on conflict resolution and negotiation skills for public and private sector clients including attorneys, federal and state agency officials, health care personnel, land use planners, university staff, teachers and school committee members and medical school administrators. 

Brad also has many years of experience as a teacher. He was a tenured professor at the University of Massachusetts/Boston with the Graduate Program in Dispute Resolution (1987 - 2002) and with the Law Center (1974 - 2002). In addition, he has been a regular guest lecturer and occasional instructor at Northeastern Law School since 1992. Brad received his B.A. from Harvard College, magna cum laude, in 1968 and his J.D. from Harvard Law School, cum laude, in 1973.