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Carol V. Bloom

Carol Bloom is a professional mediator, facilitator and trainer working nationally and internationally for over fifteen years. Carol specializes in workplace mediation, team development and organizational communication and change facilitation. Carol uses the Transformative Mediation model, focusing on assisting and supporting clients to improve their communication and work through conflicts more productively.
Carol has been a contract mediator for the United States Postal Service since 1998 and has mediated throughout the past decade for many Federal Governmental Agencies. Carol provides mediation, facilitation, team development, training, and conflict coaching services to California counties and municipalities. In the private sector, Carol provides these same services to commercial and nonprofit organizations, businesses, and schools throughout California, primarily in the Bay Area, including a current, ongoing relocation contract with the Exploratorium museum of science, art, and human perception. For over a decade, Carol has trained and coached professional mediators practicing in all sectors (workplace, family, healthcare, government, etc.) in the Netherlands, once or twice each year, teaching the Transformative Mediation model. She speaks Dutch fluently and recently co-authored the book Reflections: the practice of Transformative Mediation, published as part of the Netherlands Mediation Institute’s educational book series in September, 2012. Carol has also worked in the field of inter and intra ethnic conflict communication with Balkan Roma (Gypsies) in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia and refugee populations living in Italy and Germany.

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