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Catherine Yanni

Cathy Yanni is a full time specialist in ADR. Since joining JAMS in 1998, Cathy Yanni’s practice includes mediation, Special Master/Discovery Referee, arbitration, and class action and multi district litigation (MDL) settlement allocation. Cathy Yanni’s substantive knowledge, her focused attention to detail, and her persistent follow up are the keys to her high settlement rate.
ADR Experience and Qualifications
Cathy Yanni has successfully mediated, arbitrated, and acted as Special Master/Discovery Referee in thousands of the following matters:
Americans with Disabilities Act/Civil Rights:

Class action claims involving major public and private universities, public entities and corporations, individual suits involving discrimination, failure to accommodate and access issues


Contract, business, and accounting disputes

Class Actions/Mass Torts:

Pharmaceutical cases mediated: Avandia, Quinine, Gadolinium, Zicam I and II, ReNu, Denture cream, Bextra-Celebrex, Ortho Evra, Zyprexa I and II, Silicone Gel Breast Implants, Baycol, PPA, Fen-Phen
Pharmaceutical cases allocated settlement funds:  Avandia, Yaz, Quinine, Gadolinium, Zicam I and II, Bextra-Celebrex, Ortho Evra, Zyprexa I and and II
Consumer class actions involving multiple high-tech companies, Apple,Toshiba, Palm: claims concerning operating systems, iPod nano, iTunes gift cards, iPhone antenna smart phones, pricing, apps, iPad data plans, desktop and notebook computers, software, computer displays, and digital music players
Elder abuse:  nursing home understaffing cases 
Employment, wage and hour claims
Financial services:  bank leasing agreements and securities cases
Workers compensation insurance
Federal and state taxation