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Christine Webb

Christine Webb is a doctoral student in Psychology at Columbia University. Broadly, her research interests include reconciliation, individual differences, evolution, and motivation. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Emory University, where she studied the social behavior of brown capuchin monkeys for two years. The following year, she worked as a field assistant in South Africa through the University of Capetown/Baboon Research Unit and a research assistant in Columbia’s Primate Cognition Lab. Upon entering the graduate program, she began to blend her interests in human and non-human primate behavior through the study of conflict resolution. She now studies motivations for and individual differences in reconciliation behavior in both humans and chimpanzees. Specifically, she is interested in what motivates different individuals to resolve conflict and the various strategies/tactics that are employed by them in order to do so. Overall, she hopes to develop a better understanding of the basic motivations underlying conflict resolution, and apply this more holistic view to larger, international settings. As a member of the workgroup at ICCCR, she looks forward to learning how this application might be possible.