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Darren Gingras

Darren leads a diverse, exciting and amazing Team of professionals in the dispute resolution industry, focused on creating novel processes that carry individuals through major life-transitions.

Fervently invested in Canadian family law ADR/ODR processes, Darren’s endeavors emphasize innovation and his team has created numerous processes and procedures to facilitate proactive restorative and resolution-based legal process solutions.

A citizen of the world, Darren has lived in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East, as well as pursuing post-secondary and graduate studies in Canada, Kenya and England.

His ADR experience began in foreign NGO programs, coordinating and developing projects in Africa and the Middle East for NGO, HIV/AIDS, famine and crisis & intervention programs.

Upon his return to Canada, Darren established himself in the Financial Industry, leading several successful businesses focused on niche financing, mortgages and investment services. From these core businesses, Darren leveraged his passion for Dispute Resolution in the realm of Separation & Divorce and, in 2010, Darren launched The Common Sense Divorce, a family mediation/collaborative dispute resolution process emphasizing financial analysis/solutions for families facing divorce.

In 2016, Darren and his companies launched SIËSDE Dispute Resolution Technologies, with the sole agenda of innovating, creating and prototyping legal tech and dispute resolution technologies (ODR), leveraging artificial intelligence specific to Family Law and Family ADR processes.