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Donna Martini

Donna Martini is a longtime student and researcher of traditional and alternative medical practices.  Focusing on how food and the environment affect our bodies and emotions, she successfully healed herself of many debilitating symptoms, learning disabilities and chronic disorders.  It was her divorce, however, that prompted the greatest healing, when she uncovered the mysteries of energy exchange and started using a process she later named Positive Manipulation tm.  When others began to ask for help, her coaching and writing careers emerged. As a Wellness Advocate and Activist, she works tirelessly with schools, not-for-profits, businesses and government agencies, writing and implementing wellness programs that promote and teach healthy lifestyle practices.
Donna lives with her daughter Heather in Oyster Bay, New York, where you might find her strolling the beach in search of Heartrockstm or giving yoga and Pilates classes. Although she offers most of her services pro bono, she claims to receive payment regularly.  “What I get from my clients doesn’t fill my pocket”, she admits. “It fills my heart.”  

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