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Gina Barbieri

Gina Barbieri is a practising attorney who started  her career in the area of human rights and  employment law and now specializes in conflict  resolution. Passionate about mediation and the  role of alternative dispute resolution in contemporary  South Africa, Gina co-founded and is currently the  Executive Director of the African Initiative for Mediation  (AIM), a public benefit organisation focusing on  promoting mediation as an alternative form of dispute  resolution (  Gina is also a member of the Steering  Committee of the African Mediation Association  (AFMA) founded in response to a growing interest  throughout the world in the application of consensual  and non-confrontational means of dispute resolution.  She sits on an international reference group  convened by the World Bank/IFC’s independent  dispute resolution arm, the Complaints Advisory  Ombudsman (CAO), and currently consults to the  CAO on its African Outreach Programme. 

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