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Ilan Bass
Ilan Bass

Ilan Bass

Hailing from London, Ilan worked for over a decade in finance, government and education across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has degrees in East Asian Studies from the University of Sheffield, and in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University.

Ilan has trained seven cohorts of graduate student mediators since 2014, and has practised as a community mediator in England since 2018. He has also conducted civil mediation in Scotland and is accredited as a workplace mediator in the UK.

Starting professional life at an American bank in London, Ilan moved to Beijing in 2009 to develop his knowledge of the region and learn Mandarin. He worked as a teacher and for the UK government in the Chinese capital, before relocating to Tel Aviv for graduate studies. Ilan freelanced with NGOs and universities in Israel before returning to Beijing to join the newly established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. He was later based in Shanghai helping international companies manage and grow their operations in China.

Currently working for a London-based company that mentors senior executives, Ilan regularly offers his time to mediation and other conflict resolution initiatives, including developing his own practice, Orchid Mediation 义兰调解, which aims to transform conflict of all kinds across the world using inclusive, people-centred mediation processes.

Beyond work, Ilan enjoys music, hiking, and practising yoga and tai chi.