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James Ware

Hon. James Ware (Ret.) joined JAMS after 16 years as a civil litigator and 24 years as a judge. He served on the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County before becoming a United States District Judge in the Northern District of California, the last year and a half of which he served as Chief Judge. Judge Ware brings a wealth of experience derived from his extensive judicial career. His approach to mediation begins with assisting the parties in communicating and understanding one another and then identifying and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of resolution. In his role as an arbitrator, he considers the issues and reaches a definitive, principled, and expedited resolution.

As a neutral, Judge Ware has resolved numerous cases involving intellectual property, including, patent infringement, trademark and copyright disputes. His acumen for technology and the high volume of IP cases before his court have given him unparalleled expertise in this area. For four years, he served as the Chair of the Information Technology Committee for the Ninth Circuit and his decisions while on the bench have helped shape the legal landscape of intellectual property disputes.  

Judge Ware has also handled matters involving securities fraud, antitrust, contract disputes, employment law, civil rights and various complex business and commercial disputes. His experience reaches public and private sectors, domestic and international parties and jurisdictions, including matters with governmental agencies and foreign entities.  Judge Ware’s temperament and stellar reputation for quickly grasping and assessing highly complex issues make him a sought-after neutral in all areas of the law.