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Jerry Ashton

Jerry Ashton is a 30-year-plus entrepreneur in, and veteran of, the field of accounts receivable controls, credit, collections and customer service.
Jerry founded and was President of CFO Advisors, Inc., which enjoyed a 15-year-run as a respected and effective go-to firm engaged by companies wanting CFO’s unique approach to receivables management.
CFO Advisors gathered in a variety of clients ranging in size from Fortune 50 to SME’s. Its staff, both off and on-site, helped manage receivables of over a quarter-billion dollars annually!  One specialized (read: sensitive) 12-month project generated $1,000,000 in revenue for the company and millions in otherwise lost revenue in distressed A/R for the client.
CFO’s people served to consult with, train and staff its clients – all of its approaches contrary to the tired solutions usually found in A/R controls. Need more details? Visit our old website (likely to be declared a national monument, considering it is “frozen in time”)
Jerry occasionally chairs national and International conferences in his field (the most recent being last summer’s London meeting of the IQPC – International Quality and Productivity Council), consults for interesting clients who want to “get the money and keep the customer,” is a good friend, mate, father and grandfather, and now is proving his intent and ability to compile, write and share a book which will help people survive the “Great Recession.”  “Written Off – America and Americans.”
Need an engaging, knowledgeable speaker on the subjects of team-building, empowered interpersonal communications and the use of mediation techniques to pull people together and enable them to focus on solutions, and not the problem – give Jerry a call.