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Julia Radanova

My aspiration to enter the field of mediation is deeply rooted in my desire to:

- go beyond the surface;
- uncover hidden interests;
- facilitate high-value conversations raising the self-awareness of their participants.

In my professional work, I have always strived to establish sustainable solutions that match in the best way possible conflicting positions while at the same time addressing interests hidden from the parties. The above has naturally led me to adopt the transformative style of mediation seeking long-term change in the communication between disputants. My legal background and experience as a lawyer, at the same time, allow me to add another lawyer of objectivity while inviting the legal framework to the mediation table. This seeks, on the one hand, to help parties find a way forward to the mutual path they are on, while on the other hand, allows for bringing higher consciousness and self-awareness to those in conflict.

Those concepts, taken in conjunction, have motivated me to choose mediation as not only as a profession but also as a personal devotion that underlines my life choices.