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Ken Spalasso

While attorney Kenneth R. Spalasso, founder of Sunnyvale Mediation in Sunnyvale, CA, possesses a wealth of dispute resolution experience, he believes in affordable mediation for everyone. At a fraction of the prevailing mediator rates in Northern California, he has resolved hundreds of matters as a professional mediator and arbitrator. Spending half of his career as a defense attorney, and the other half as a plaintiff attorney, he is a true neutral, working with individuals and major law firms to resolve hundreds of disputes involving insurance carriers, tech companies, small businesses, apartment complexes, tenants, industry professionals, and families. When not practicing law or mediating major cases, he splits his time volunteering on several advisory boards, serving as a temporary judge, or working on one of his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is also an accomplished speaker and trainer, devoting many hours to helping both organizations and beginning conflict resolution providers succeed, by teaching proven traditional dispute resolution methods using a dynamic and engaging style.