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Laura Kistemaker

If anybody back at university had told me I would end up being passionate about enabling users to solve their problems through state-of-the-art IT-platforms, I wouldn't have believed her.

But then again, I did study history and international relations in order to understand why people behave as they do in the context they live in. Since then, I came to understand that this people-centred approach is my strong point.

I love to work on complex and hybrid online/offline products and services, offering people solutions that they might not have thought about before. Currently, I work on a conflict resolution platform that helps people to organise their divorce in a respectful and sustainable way online.

Before co-founding Justice42 in 2017, I spent 8 years gaining experience in project and product management in an innovative legal (tech) setting. I developed myself as an operations professional that thrives when bringing structure to places full of ideas. I like to bring people together and get things done. I am told to bring calmness and focus to high pace, high strain environments.

Leading teams to deliver the best possible experiences to customers, is what gives me energy.