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Laurie Amaya

After years of working with divorcing clients in the traditional litigation process, Laurie Amaya became determined to bring a different approach to divorce and dispute resolution. Now as a full time mediator, consulting and Collaborative divorce attorney, Laurie’s goal is to help clients find solutions and reach agreements without going to court and has assisted hundreds of clients in reaching mutually acceptable agreements! Laurie is an APFM Certified Advanced Practitioner, APFM Senior Mediator, and a Certified Senior Mediator with She participates in a monthly Reflective Practice Group for family law mediators. She was a founding member of Pasadena Collaborative Divorce and facilitates a monthly mediation study group in Pasadena, California. Laurie received her B.A from U.C. Santa Cruz 1988, JD from Southwestern University and has been licensed to practice law in California since 1993 and Arizona since 1994.