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Michael McCabe

Michael McCabe is an experienced, independent attorney Mediator who is committed to helping others resolve disputes with dignity and respect. The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory designates him "AV," the highest rating among experienced attorneys.
Providing individuals and businesses with legal counsel for more than 30 years has given Michael McCabe a special talent for helping others find practical and cost-effective solutions to legal disputes outside the courts. A veteran of more than 50 jury trials, he knows the expense, the uncertainty, and the emotional toll of court-determined outcomes. He has seen both the benefits and the risks of litigation.
From his study of organizational behavior at St. Mary's College Executive M.B.A. Program, listening skills learned at Berkeley's Graduate Theological Union, mediation skills sharpened by extensive practical experience and more than two-hundred hours of professional training, Michael McCabe has learned to help others focus on their own interests and benefits -- the things that help solutions come into view and make settlements possible.

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