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Monika Glowacki

Monika is the Director of the initiative on Digital Disinformation at Convergence, where she will bring together people across differences to explore the root causes of problems with online information and media systems, and pathways towards a more equitable vision for the future of the internet.

Monika has worked in research and analysis exploring the intersection of technology, people, politics and power. She is interested in critical analysis of the impact of technology on our lives, societies and economies, as well as how technology can be reimagined to serve the public interest and our wellbeing.

Monika received her masters from the University of Oxford and her bachelors from Harvard University, both in the social sciences. She has previously worked at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the Oxford Internet Institute in the United Kingdom and the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Originally from New York, Monika is passionate about social justice, especially abolitionist and climate justice organizing. She enjoys playing volleyball, swimming and cross-country skiing, reading about politics and history, cooking vegan dishes and learning new languages.