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Moshe Cohen

Hi, I’m Moshe Cohen, author of Collywobbles: How to Negotiate When Negotiating Makes You Nervous. Since 1995, I have been teaching, mediating, coaching, writing, and speaking on the topics of negotiation, leadership, change management, influence, conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation, and communication. I have worked with companies and organizations in the Boston area, nationally, and internationally. I also teach Negotiation, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, where I have been teaching since 2000, and have previously taught at Cambridge College and Bentley University.

I have taught thousands of people from a large variety of organizations. As a mediator, I specialize in employment, workplace, and discrimination-related disputes, but have also mediated hundreds of matters ranging from multi-million dollar business and family business cases to roommate conflicts, inside companies, government agencies and elsewhere, through courts and community mediation programs, and in private practice. My style as a mediator is very facilitative, helping people resolve their conflicts without telling them what to do. If you want to resolve your dispute, I will work very hard to help you achieve your desired outcomes and meet your interests.

I also coach executives, managers, and others to help them become more effective in their work or to help them negotiate better outcomes for themselves. Aside from teaching, training, mediating, and coaching, I love to write, and have written numerous articles and role-play cases, and my first book.