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Rachel Fishman Green

Rachel Fishman Green, Esq. is an attorney who runs ReSolutions Mediation Services, based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, since 1995.  Rachel is the Chair of the Joint Ethics Committee of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation and the Family & Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York, which accepts and (hopefully) resolves complaints about member mediators, and provides education on ethical conundrums for members.
She is an attorney with years of experience as a divorce mediator, and collaborative attorney, and the director of ReSolutions Mediation Services in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She has helped divorcing couples resolve conflicts concerning all aspects of divorce, including division of homes, time with the children, dividing small businesses, fair distribution of pension assets, child support, division of health and child care expenses for children, tax aspects of divorce, how to bring new girlfriends/ boyfriends into children's lives.  After graduating the Boston University school of law in 1990, Rachel started practicing divorce mediation in 1995. Today she managed her own divorce mediation practice with offices in Brooklyn Long Island City and Manhattan, NYC. 
In addition to helping hundreds of couples to end their marriage in a civilized, less traumatic way, Rachel is a true advocate of divorce mediation, who devotes much of her time to promoting public awareness for the field.