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Randy Marcoz

Randy Marcoz is a retired intelligence and counterintelligence officer.  He completed post graduate education in strategic intelligence and hold an MS in forensic psychology. He is also a certified Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  Since his retirement from government service in 2005, he has been developing and conducting interpersonal communication training for military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel around the world. He developed the Intelligent Communication approach to interpersonal communication, bringing together his experience in the intelligence field and his academic research in intelligence and psychology. He developed Intelligent Communication to be a simple yet effective approach to interpersonal communication that can be used by anyone in both their professional and personal lives to improve the way they interact with other people.  He not only teaches Intelligent Communication, he uses the approach to provide a number of services, including mediation. He is also an ordained minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  

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