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Rebecca Hiers

Drawing upon her experience as both a negotiator and as a neutral mediator and facilitator, Rebecca Hiers offers insights and help on how to resolve disputes through Sunrise Mediation, which she opened in 2002. Before that, she worked for an Indian Tribe for nearly a decade, helping negotiate a successful, nationally-recognized resolution to a major water rights conflict.
Her writings (including three law review articles) and workshops address such diverse dispute resolution topics as: basic bargaining strategies; game theory and the warrior versus peace-maker dilemma for negotiators; the almost magical power of apology and forgiveness in resolving disputes; the often subtle wisdom of traditional tribal dispute resolution approaches; as well as the much more mundane, yet critical issue of exceptions to the mediation privilege and the tension between mediation confidentiality and the rules of evidence. She received her J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law and her A.B. in Chemistry from Princeton University; and has served on the Executive Committees for the Oregon State Bar's Indian Law Section and Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.