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Rob Robson

Dr. Robert Robson is Director of Patient Safety at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and is responsible for coordinating patient safety programs and initiatives throughout the region. He has recently been named to the Board of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety and served on the Minister of Health’s Emergency Care Task Force in Winnipeg.  Dr. Robson is a specialist emergency physician who continues to practice, having worked in community hospital and tertiary care emergency departments in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.  He was recently appointed Adjunct Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences of the Universityof Manitoba , Faculty of Medicine.  Dr. Robson is a trained healthcare mediator and has worked for more than six years in this field. He is completing a two-year term as Chair of the Healthcare Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  Dr. Robson also has a significant background and experience in the field of healthcare risk management, liability assessment, and litigation management issues.