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Robert Baum

Alternative dispute resolution has become Bob Baum's specialty, although he remains an active litigator for cases that require courtroom action. With over 30 years of litigation experience, he has become a leader in advancing alternatives to litigation--what is now called "alternative dispute resolution," "appropriate dispute resolution," or simply "ADR." Mr. Baum offers a full array of alternative dispute resolution methods: mediation, arbitration, collaborative law and facilitation. He will work with you so that the most appropriate dispute resolution method is used in the most cost- effective and efficient manner. Mr. Baum has the breadth and depth of experience which makes him an effective alternative dispute resolution neutral. Unlike many ADR practitioners, Mr. Baum has practiced in several areas of the law, so that he can bring his varied experiences to the table. As detailed in his biography on his website ( , he has both a family and business law background. He brings a business perspective to family law issues and the family perspective to business disputes, but when children are involved, he always works with you to achieve your child's best interest. As a litigator and alternative dispute resolution attorney, Mr. Baum's goal is to help you resolve your dispute in a way that costs you as little as possible in terms of time, money and pain.