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Scott McCreary

Dr. Scott McCreary is President and Managing Principal at CONCUR Inc, serving as senior facilitator and mediator. He specializes in multiparty deliberations involving water supply and quality, marine resources, land use, species protection, air quality, climate change, renewable energy and other complex natural resource issues. As a facilitator, he focuses on finding effective ways to bring research and analysis environmental decision making processes—a specialty developed at UC Berkeley’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and doctoral work at MIT and the Harvard Program on Negotiation. He has strong dual experience in natural science and public policy and in the full range of facilitation and mediation techniques. Building on 32 years of work as an environmental planner and 25 years of experience as a facilitator and mediator, Scott has facilitated deliberations among diverse agencies, businesses, community groups, and conservation organizations. Scott has lead over 100 projects for CONCUR, ranging from site-specific cases to federal regulations to broad policy initiatives that span multiple states and international transboundary regions.  He often consults with government agencies and colleague organizations on process design for complex environmental cases.   He recently co-taught the UC Berkeley graduate course: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Global Analysis and Regional Response.