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Tiffany Cook
Tiffany Cook

Tiffany Cook

My journey in dispute resolution is an unconventional one. As a former international ballerina, I thrived in diverse environments, building relationships and overcoming cultural barriers as I worked and collaborated with over 30 nationalities! This passion for cross-cultural communication and cultural diplomacy led me to be named Honorary Youth Ambassador to
Brno, Czech Republic, and spearhead sister city cultural exchanges between Dallas, TX, and Brno. This experience ultimately led me to retire from ballet and pursue a degree in diplomacy at Oxford University. However, in retrospect, I was frustrated by a lack of focus on conflict resolution skills, the very tools, in my opinion, needed for effective diplomacy.

Disenchanted, I stumbled upon a mediation and dispute resolution class during a master's program at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas). It was a revelation! It brought together my experiences in navigating cultural complexities and my desire to find and facilitate
solutions that work for everyone. Since then, I have delved into the world of mediation, fascinated by its potential to bridge divides stemming from conflict.

I have grown increasingly interested in AI's potential impact on dispute resolution. As a student and mediator-in-training, I am always eager to learn from the brightest minds in the industry.