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Calculate your GQ (google quotient)

If you don’t show up in Google, you don’t exist.

So say the authors of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand. They’re right.

And I’d add, “If you don’t show up in Google with results that show your professional credibility, you might as well not exist in the ADR marketplace.”

I’ve talked before about the value of Googling yourself periodically. Career Distinction’s William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson have elevated self-Googling to an entirely new level with their Online Identity Calculator, which promises to determine your GQ or Google Quotient. That’s their term for the breadth and depth of your professional web presence, the kind of snapshot mediation clients will take of you…often before they ever pick up the phone or email you.

I tried the Calculator, and while it’s as much a way to encourage you to read their book as it is any kind of real calculator, it was a little good Friday afternoon fun and the helps you consider your online presence through the eyes of a prospective client or employer. It’ll take you 5 minutes to fill out the Calculator and you can remove yourself from their email distribution list with a click.

But before you do so, give them a chance. They’ve got relevant material to share, the book’s worth a read (even for business owners, despite it’s general focus on job hunters), and I think you’ll find they’re a resource worth following.

Happy weekend


Tammy Lenski

Dr. Tammy Lenski helps individuals, pairs, teams, and audiences navigate disagreement better, address friction, and build alignment. Her current work centers on creating the conditions for robust collaboration and sound decisions while fostering resilient personal and professional relationships. Her conflict resolution podcast and blog, Disagree Better, are available at… MORE >

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